Easy, Affordable, Web-Based OSHA Injury Tracking

Manage All Health and Safety Processes

Keep records of incidents in one centralized location. Get status reports in real time.
Store all documents in one secure repository that allows you to set different levels of user access and permissions.

Easily Track Incidents

CSM will translate the data entered into required OSHA forms, create analytical reports
and display your metrics in colorful pie graphs.

Generate your 300 Logs Electronically

At the click of a button, generate your OSHA 300 and 301 reports for easy printing and posting. Keep all records online for simple, immediate access anytime.

Dynamic Reporting Features

Generate the following reports easily:

Accident Report
OSHA 300 Log
OSHA 300 A
OSHA 301
First Report of Injury
Professional Notes (Progress)
Report ready injury metrics
Pie Charts and Graphical Reporting
Case Data
Lost and Restricted Time Data
Injury Rates/Severity Rates
Direct/Indirect Costs