Our Personnel Management Solution was specifically designed to manage and store Driver Qualification (DQ) files that are mandated by the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


Compliance Safety Manager helps you track your entire vehicle inventory, asset status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place.

Improve Communication

Connect all the people touching your fleet. Empower fleet managers, drivers, safety directors, parts managers, mechanics, supervisors, vendors and more to work together in one easy-to-use system.


Do you have training records stored in different systems, file cabinets, or within various groups? With CSM’s Training Program, you can consolidate these disparate systems into one and always know where to find all your training records.


CSM offers clients an assisted claims management program. We will establish a firm communication with your company’s insurance carrier to manage claims and control your worker’s compensation and medical costs. We will provide accident administration through annual, quarterly, or even monthly reporting to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.