Compliance Simplified

Ensure full compliance.
Ditch the paper files for good.

Less Stress from Regulators, More Savings on Equipment

“We can’t afford to go rifling through file drawers when we get a DOT audit or we need to track the maintenance history of equipment, “says, Dean Lynch, Cash-Wa Fleet Manager. “We now have a dependable backup to our filing system, and finding the information I need is a matter of minutes and seconds versus hours and days.”

"I know we made the right choice"

“Having a dashboard that gives us a big-picture way to track costs per mile, component parts, and repairs means an aggregate positive impact on our decision-making around asset maintenance,” says Cash-Wa Distributing Owner Tom Henning. “I know we made the right choice. We’ll continue to depend on Compliance Safety Manager to keep us running safe and strong.”

CSM Helps Robust Distribution Companies
Maximize Asset Value & Stay Compliant

  • Web-based and easy to implement
  • Cost savings from tracking maintenance, warranty, and service issues
  • Less regulatory liability
  • Reduce time spent looking for critical records
  • Critical backup to paper-based processes

New Pricing

Unlimited Users

monthly fees – no annual contracts



Track all of your DOT requirements and receive dashboard and email alerts safely and securely in the cloud.