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Customer Testimonials are the Best Way
To Tell You About Our Software System

For any Redi-Mix Company our customer testimonials are the best way to tell you about our software system, Compliance Safety Manager.

“Compliance Safety Manager is the best compliance program for the money available on the market today! It is so simple to use and saves us time, which ultimately increases our productivity… It helps us ensure that we are continually aware of what necessary compliance issues are approaching or have expired. Honestly, CSM is such a helpful tool that I believe it has saved us hours of looking up items by hand. Most importantly, I wanted to thank you and your company for being so helpful over the phone and assisting us with any problems we have had. Your team has gone over and above to help out our staff with the implementation of this valuable program. The service and kindness of your team is acknowledged and greatly appreciated.”

Marc Westhoff-President at Mid-America Redi-Mix, Inc.

Driver Management

  • Driver Qualification — File storage, credential checklists, driver personal information
  • Hiring — Automated workflow when hiring CMV drivers
  • Background Checks — Integrated background report ordering/reporting
  • Accident Tracking — Maintain critical accident information
  • Driver Training — Track both your initial and ongoing driver training files
  • Drug & Alcohol Program Management — Manage random selections and record all test results & paperwork
  • Hours of Service — Perform instant HOS audits to identify compliance gaps. Driver logs can be manually entered and audited or on vehicles with EOBRs installed, automated E-Logs are activated.
  • Roadside Inspections — Track all roadside inspections for better CSA management. Ensure violations are corrected

Vehicle Management

  • Units — Electronic file storage, credential checklists, specific unit information
  • Unit Service — Store vehicle credentials & renewables such as licensing/permitting and inspection requirements
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports — Have visibility to all DVIRs and better manage inspection program and driver safety. DVIRs can be manually entered and audited or, if EOBRs are installed, automated E-DVIRs are activated.
  • Fuel Tax Reporting — Automatically create quarterly reports based on fuel use, locations, and miles traveled.
  • Maintenance — Track and schedule maintenance, mechanics, and manage parts inventory. Have immediate notification if maintenance is coming due.

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