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Compliance Safety Manager to offer Random Selection services beginning in 2023!

Compliance Safety Manager (CSM) is expanding our services to include Random Drug & Alcohol Testing. Now you can have the same confidence for your random program as you do for all the services CSM is providing you. 

This is the perfect program for employers that have FMCSA covered drivers and will provide fast and easy compliance for employers of all sizes. 

The new service includes:

  • FMCSA Consortium, ideal for smaller fleets with 50 covered employees or less 
  • Non-DOT Consortium, use for your non-regulated safety sensitive employees 
  • Stand Alone Pool (employer specific), for larger employers who want their employees in a dedicated pool
  • Random Compliance & Statistical reporting
  • Random Alerts
  • Electronic Chain of Custody for easy scheduling

Annual Random Fees are reasonable and straightforward:

  • $100 annually for each Consortium an employer is enrolled in
  • $125 annually for each Stand Alone Pool and employer uses

These fees are at the client level, not for each employee.

If you think you would like to participate in Compliance Safety Managers Random Program, please fill out the form below and we’ll follow up with you as 2023 approaches.

Thanks for your continued support, we look forward to helping you keep your compliance and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.