Much of the equipment in use on work projects can create dangerous conditions for workers. You know that a few of these conditions are present at all times — any piece of moving equipment should be respected. When working around a forklift keep a sharp lookout — DON’T DEPEND on the lift operator being able to see you, and DON’T DEPEND on hearing a horn or back-up alarm as surrounding noise may prevent this.

When traveling from point to point never speed. A ‘jack rabbit’ start or stop may cause an accident. When carrying a load always face the destination of travel and keep a sharp look out for low overhead obstructions. Never allow co-workers to ride on the forks. Never attempt to pick up more than the rated capacity of the machine. Wear the seat belt if one is provided. When picking up a load try to place the forks so the load is square, and make sure the material that you are carrying is -secure and won’t fall off during travel.

Unless the forklift is designed for off-road use, never take if off the road. Only trained operators should operate the lift. An untrained operator is a danger to all those working in the area.

As with any other piece of equipment, never smoke during refueling. Avoid working around low electrical lines. Should you ever have a question about a forklift, ask your supervisor. A forklift is a piece of equipment especially designed to help you with your work — don’t let it be a source of an injury — treat it with respect.